How to Convert RAW Image File to JPG Image Type?

A RAW image contains partially processed data from the image sensor of the digital camera, motion picture file scanner or image scanner. Shooting images in RAW file format gives you the flexibility to modify and encodes the image in a device-dependent color space. However, RAW images cannot be edited or printed because they are not processed. So there comes [...]

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How to Fix Corrupt QuickTime Movie File ?

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An Easy Approach to Retrieve Files on SDXC Card

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Fix Corrupt Mailbox Outlook 2007

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Simple Steps for Fixing Damaged MOV Files with VLC

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SanDisk SD Card Recovery Software

“SD Card not showing up any files, but yesterday night itself I have added 200 photos into it. It is of SanDisk brand SD Card. But the thing I observed is, I did not eject [...]

Simple Method to Recover Data from Mac OS X Sierra

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Easy Guide on How to Fix Photoshop CS6 File after Crash on Windows 8

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All You Need to be Aware about the Causes for OST File Corruption

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Restore Files from External Hard Drive

As the internal hard disk drives in our laptops won’t fulfill our saving or storage needs, we’ll choose to have the additional disk drives for saving the data. So, the [...]